#FutureGeo: Earth Science WebTV Channel

Audience:  General Public

Medium:  Internet YouTube Channel

Summary:  We need a single online location where we can aggregate the best documentary videos presentations on the world of Earth Science Professionals. The emphasis should be:

  • Define the Issues:  What issues do professional Earth Scientists need to address (water, raw materials, energy, construction, geohazards, environmental protection etc)
  • Define the Knowledge:  What do Earth Systems professionals need to know about to address these issues (which Earth Systems?)
  • Define the Skills:  What skills do these professionals need to apply the knowledge to addressing the issues.
  • Defining the Professions:  Who are the experts that use the knowledge and skills to address these issues?  Define each of the experts (hydrogeologist, hydrologist, geologist, oceanographer etc.)
  • Define How to become one of these Experts:  Information on how to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Funding and Production:  The channel could focus on aggregating resources that are already out on the internet, so funding might only be needed for a core site management / development team.  The core of the content could be focused around episodes of the Earth Team TV series.  The stakeholders should fund it (industry, higher education, professional associations).

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