A key issue I am very aware of in multidisciplinary projects is the common lack of integration between disciplines, mainly due to breakdowns in communication related to the jargon involved with specialist subjects and the lack of understanding of what each of us is capable of.  Much of my time managing these projects is spent explaining what the experts mean.  Therefore I am very keen to develop the “for non-specialists” niche as part of the Geolumina offering.

The overall aim would be to improve teamwork and project deliverables by making projects more focused, through improved inter-disciplinary communication.  For example:

  • Seismic Interpretation for non-Geophysicists
  • Petrophysics for non-Petrophysicists
  • Reservoir Geology for non-Geologists
  • Reservoir Engineering for non-Reservoir Engineers

It is critical that the specialists make the effort to explain, as simply as possible, what they are doing and why.  Likewise, it is important for all of us to make the effort to understand enough of what the other discipline are capable of to be able to integrate more effectively.

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