The application will be a lightweight competence assessment system, integrated with Moodle, with the functions outlined below.  In the first instance we are focusing on collecting the competencies for subsurface G and G, with the primary objective to generate traffic to our training courses.  We also have it in mind that there is no publicly available “Industry Standard” for universities and others to refer to, so we could start to build one and make it available as a reference for free (the job description builder and appraisal functionality would be available to subscribers).   Once we have the system in place, we could expand to other disciplines later.

  • Compile a library of knowledge-based competencies (KBC) and skills-based competence (SBC) definitions
  • Build skills sets from the knowledge and skills-based competence database
  • Build job descriptions from the skills sets
  • Use job descriptions to create appraisal forms
  • Allow self-appraisals using the GeoLumina appraisal system (linked to the appraisal system in Moodle)
  • Permit 360 degree appraisal by managers and peers 
  • Perform Gap Analysis
  • Create Development Plans (linked directly to courses in Moodle)

Example Competency

The idea is to match the competencies with the course modules, so that completing a course module allows users to “level-up” their competence, or conversely, gaps in a competence assessment link directly to the relevant course modules.

For example:

Competency: Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties

Competency Type: Knowledge-based competency

Short Description:  Understands the key reservoir rock and fluid properties that we need to measure or predict for reservoir characterization, and their geological controls.

Long Description:  Porosity, permeability (absolute and relative), wettability, capillary pressure. Relationship between grain size, sorting and clay content and the impact on reservoir properties. The impact of compaction and diagenesis on pore systems. The impact of mineralogy. Fluid, composition, density, viscosity.  Interaction of fluids and rocks.

Competency Assessments

Competency Levels would be measured against the GeoLumina Learning Curve, whic is illustrated below.

Potential Users

  • Individuals looking to develop their own skill sets
  • Staff from industry clients (for example as part of a project-based training programme)
  • MSc students (e.g. Royal Holloway)

Potential Benefits

  • Encourage users to access the online training resources in GeoLumina to fill their competence gaps.
  • Allow users to gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities in the industry.
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