Geoscience education and training, like most education, focuses on teaching what to think, not how to think.

Learning what to think only arms you to solve specific problems, but learning fundamental principles and concepts and how to apply them enables you to solve a much wider range of problems.

After years of experience teaching and learning in the petroleum industry, Greg has recognised the importance of learning how to think and decided to develop training resources that help to develop the underlying knowledge and skills to solve almost any geoscience problems (or at least know where to go for help!).

One technique Greg uses in the classroom is to keep asking the same questions to see what and how people are thinking.  All too often the class pauses and starts to think to themselves “he has asked this once already, so this time he must be wanting another answer. I wonder what it is?”.  No!  Answer the question, based on the evidence and sound reasoning, instead of trying to second guess what teacher wants you to say (which is what you learned to do at school)!

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