In any problem solving process, like the petroleum exploration industry, we are trying to find answers.  But what are the questions?  And who should we ask?  And how will they address the problem?  What skills do they have? What knowledge do those skills require? What should the outcome be?  What kind of deliverables might we expect?  Where can I learn the Knowledge and Skills?

All of these things are inter-related systematically, so we are trying to build a database and website app that will allow us to capture the key questions and show how they link to the other key elements such as experts, methods, deliverables and data types.

With this kind of app we should be able to pick a question, then identify which expert to consult, what data they will need, which method they would employ and how they should deliver the answer.

Or alternatively, if I have this data, what kind of questions could be addressed and which expert would do it.

Or perhaps, what does that expert do?  What kind of questions do they work on, and what data and methods do they use?

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